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Hey, there!

I'm Diego, a UXUI Designer, who believes that tech and design can create new amazing experiences for everyone.

I am passionate about technology and the way it is integrated into our lives.

I believe that facing human needs and searching for answers through technology can be the best way to explore all the possibilities that we can extract. A well-designed interface and an experience that really meets the true demands of the user can simplify these needs, and I find this fascinating. 

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My Story

I graduated from the Bootcamp at Ironhack International School of Technology, delivering 5 different projects in 9 weeks (+400 hours) of intensive classes - with a solid academic background and more practical experience with the developed cases - making use of several working tools. Currently I'm working as a UX Designer in a Company where I develop and enhance  bots(chatbot -WhatsApp), voice bot (HLDs, texts creation and different approaches) in order to engage costumers and provide them full service into financial matters.

Before entering the world of UXUI, I worked in several different industries over the years - such as bank, technology sector and retail. Along the way, I gained experience in customer service, sales, teamwork, and creating marketing actions based on incentives and goals.

In addition, I have over 6 years of experience in entrepreneurship, managing a franchise store unit; taking key decisions, engaging the team, and generating excellent results in sales and customer experience.

All this required a lot of teamwork, creativity, sociability, and engagement.

Now that you already know about my journey, let me tell you a little about my hobbies: I am very connected to technology, I am always up to date with the latest news - especially the trends of the gamer world. I am very interested in physical activity; I believe that a balance between body and mind is fundamental.



•  User research needs
•  User Centered Design
•  User Interface
•  Project Management
•  Wireframing

•  Testing
•  Prototyping
•  Information Architeture
•  Design Implementation
•  Interaction Design
•  Visual Design

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