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Travelers - the comunity that explores the world

First of all I would like to state that this is for me my most special mobile app that I have developed. This project carries a soul and an atmosphere that speaks for it self. I'm here to invite you to a journey where you can actually make part of a world wide community totally connected that explores and share endless adventures and amazing experiences around the planet.

Wellcome! You are now a Traveler!

How many times in your life have you cought your self diving into imaginations and desires of been in several places and experiencing so many adventures and knowing places around the world? That feeling of freedom and enrichment... And having your own community to do that!

This is exacly what this app offers you. Pack your bags and have a good journey!

Not only you can purchase flight and bookiing tickets, but also tips, benefits and Travelers to accompany you in your trips. This is a 3 tools app to bring you the best of all! 

Create groups, accumulate points that 
turn into discounts for your next purchases, or grant to your friends.  Share your tickets. Use our explorer and search for any place in the world with the very best Travelers community avaluations, scores, tips and decide your next destination...

Now, lets make it more fun and see it working on the video below and in real time... Shall we ?

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