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E - Clinic

And finally reaching the end of this 9 weeks Bootcamp, I’m excited in presenting my final project! This time the theme was free by my choice. I had the freedom and responsability on picking any kind of matter, subject, stakeholder and brand of any kind that I could actually explore and improve it with whatever tools I could create ..But of course, it had to be totally linked and validated by my researches and discovery throught the whole process.

I could choose between doing this task in group or alone. I chose developing and going througth the whole process only by my self, creating a big, challenging and immersive experience. This was an opportunity for me learning and growing even more in the UXUI field.

The Research

Having a very close related person called “ Eduardo” in my family, which is a Dentist professional that runs his own clinic, I decided exploring this business and purchase all the info I could get in order to identify any kind of improvement need I could spot.

I went throught qualitative interview with him and made a lot of questions to get in touch with his work, routine and understand where and how there could be a matter and the improvements I could be targeting on.

He related that his routine is very demanding. He works in his clinic several hours almost every day. Has a lot of clients and other professional dentists working in his clinic as well. These dentists occupy some of the available rooms in the clinc and provide many kinds of treatments specializations that differs one professional from the other, giving the clients a full support inside the area.

The matter

After some conversation time with Eduardo, he revealed that he has a large and faithful number of clients and wishes to continue and expand it even more. His great difficulty is adminstrating the business. Everything that happens inside the clinic needs to be registered in order so that he’s able to know exacly the business progress, profitability and financial health.

I found that matter intriguing and decided interviewing a few more professionals that just like him, are dentists in their own clinics.

They all expressed the same matter! All of them go througth the same routine and can’t provide their clinics a secure administrative control.

Every single one of these professional dentists described their routine as it begins when they’re still home and get in touch by phone with their clinic’s assistant, so she can instruct them about the patients they’ll be seeing and what kinds of procedures it’s going to be executed in each one of the patients. These information always being daily annotated manually in a paper notebook, cointaining everything about each attendance that happens in the clinic, such as laboratorial materials, procedures types, professionals values and comissions. Therefore it’s always doubtful the written notes on this manual notebook. The professionals are always worried about the assistant precision in writting everything correctly and with no mistakes.

Gathering all those facts, I understood that this was a big and complex matter. They needed some kind of full administrative and financial control support.

Benchmarking the existing solutions

I took a look at the actual solutions present in the market in order to understand what services and features they have and how they work. The most of them do provide the clinic’s control support, but on the other hand they have an expensive coast that these professioanls aren’t willing to pay. And these solutions only accept working with their own card machines with it’s own fees.

The persona

image (14).png

The persona I created is Patrícia. She’s a Surgeon Dentist and works all day long in her clinic among the other dentists professionals. Her routine is shown by the stated problem: She has patientes attendances every day and needs a better and more trustful view and access on each attendance informations and details.

Building a solution

I knew and understood that the solution I would be building, had to serve the Dentists by providing them all the initial information on each patient they attend daily, without depending on their assistant manual notes.

It was decided that it would be a mobile app and desktop responsive as well. These users need the facility in carrying this solution at any place they’re, so this could be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

This would ( when they’re still home before arriving their clinic), allow them viewing all the patients info details, procedures and all their attendance and schedule.


All right, now I needed to get my hands on working the prototypes… How they would look like, which features they needed to have, the facility and assistance it could be providing the users with.

I built a tool that contains two different agendas. The Dentist clinic’s owner professional, focusing in her (Patrícia) exclusive daily routine and the Clinic’s Agenda that is focused in all the professionals that work there. These two flows lead to all the schedule selection, either filtering it by the year, month and day…and every single attendence displaying the professional who’s occupying a room, the room’s number, the patient’s info, procedures and laboratorial material. Even the patient’s exams images are available. Down below the Hi Fi prototype’s images and short videos showing all the app’s features.

Mobile version - Patricia's agenda:

E-Clinic Mobile App (5).png

The entry screen with the two agendas (“My agenda” and “Clinic’s agenda”)

Patricia’s daily agenda, reporting Room number, schedule and the patient’s name

E-Clinic Mobile App (6).png
E-Clinic Mobile App (7).png

When tapping on the calendar icon, she can chose any other date

After selecting “Sex 30/07/2021” she taps on her first attendance and access all the info to that patient’s attendance: name, procedure, laboratory material and she can tap the left button to “view exams

E-Clinic Mobile App (9).png
E-Clinic Mobile App (8).png

The exams images and info, which she can zoom on tapping the images and also edit, delete

The image in zoom mode

E-Clinic Mobile App (1).png

Mobile version - Clinic's agenda:

E-Clinic Mobile App (3).png

Selecting the date — 30/07/2021

The whole clinic’s schedule with all the professionals info: professional’s name, room number, attendance time duration

E-Clinic Mobile App (4).png

Desktop version - Patricia's agenda:

Same mobile’s funcionality

E Clinic Desktop (7).png

Same mobile’s funcionality

E Clinic Desktop (1).png

Same mobile’s funcionality

E Clinic Desktop (2).png

Same mobile’s funcionality

E Clinic Desktop (3).png

Desktop version - Clinic's agenda:

She can choose a specific date on the mini calendar at the left side and by the right side she can chose any time schedule from the clinic. The idea here is that she can view all the activities that will occur in the clinic from that time on. She selects 9:00

E Clinic Desktop (5).png

Now she can see the activities from 9:00

E Clinic Desktop (6).png


I believe I’ve created an easy, functional and fast way to view all the professional’s daily routines with all the info and details on each attendance. Making a lot easier to provide the patients a fast service and not depending on the assistant manual notes.

Next steps - improvements

 A full administrative system supporting the whole financial data.

 I hope you all enjoyed this solution. It was a pleasure showing you all these challenges and creations !!!

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